home warranty companies reviews tennessee

home warranty companies reviews tennessee

Mar. 8, 2011

2. They tried to email Ms because apparently she doesn’t have a phone number. Called back Thursday twice and Friday twice. Same thing, they will email her, there is no one we can talk to, and apparently this poor excuse for a worker is the manager. So they escalated my claim to an emergency, which did nothing except “special treatment”. Now we are waiting.

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Feb. 24, 2011

Their ratings offer a bigger glimpse into the reviews and comparisons of the home warranty service providers.

Also, the homeowner may have little or no say in the model or brand of a replacement component though the warranty contract should provide for a similar or equivalent quality replacement.

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Now we are waiting. And hopefully we get some movement because the last call resulted in a nice man saying the home inspection was never uploaded into the account but Ms . Our next call back from a “manager” is scheduled for Tuesday, because you know, 24 48 business hours. So here we wait. I do not at ALL encourage anyone to use them under any circumstances. We have had a month with no AC in the house, and a consistent temp in the house of 86 90.
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